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  • Do You Need a Licence to Fly RC Planes?

    Do You Need a Licence to Fly RC Planes?

    I was so involved in researching what type of RC plane I should get it never occured to me that I might need permission to fly one – so I set out to see if I needed a licence to fly. Here’s what I found…

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  • Are RC Planes Safe?

    Are RC Planes Safe?

    Free flying RC planes hurtling around the skies, sometimes at over 100 mph, can be an awesome sight, but are they really safe? This article takes a look at the statistics, and considers how you can improve safety when flying. Are RC Planes safe? Yes, they are, but it’s important to follow safety guidance when…

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  • Can RC Planes Fly in Rain?

    Can RC Planes Fly in Rain?

    There’s nothing like waiting all week for the chance to spend the weekend flying your RC plane, only to see the rain start to fall. It’s sooo tempting to press on and fly anyway – but can RC Planes fly in the rain? This article looks at the risks of flying in wet weather and…

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